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December 03 2012

Trendelenburg's sign

Write a short note on Trendelenburg's sign

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July 30 2014 #

A Trendelenburg's sign is a sign seen by a gait adopted by someone with an absent or weakened hip abductor mechanism.

During the step, instead of the pelvis being raised on the side of the lifted foot, it drops. Thus it is seen as the patient's pelvis tilting towards the lifted foot, with much flexion needed at the knee on the affected side in order for the foot to clear the ground.


The lesion is always on the contralateral side to the sagging hip.

A Positive Trendelenburg Sign is found in:

  1. \Subluxation or Dislocation of the hip
  2. \Abductor weakness
  3. \Shortening of the femoral neck
  4. \Any painful hip disorder

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