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October 23 2012

ECG #1

Ok so here is the first ECG chart

Try to figure out what it is before peeking down for the answer!

Hint: Always first figure out the rate & rythym

Bingo! - The rate is SLOW = Bradycardia

Now lets look at the solved ECG 


This is a simple method to calculate the rate. Every big box (5 small boxes) right next to the QRS peak is numbered accordingly - 300, 150, 100, 75, 60, 50 and so on. Till the next QRS peak. Here the next QRS lies way after 50 ... definitely Severe bradycardia. If the next peak was at say 75 - the rate would have been 75 beats per min.


  1. The first step was technically what we did, ECG.
  2. If the person is stable, figure out cause of bradycardia
  3. If patient is unstable - Atropine is the best initial test
  4. The most effective treatment is - Pacemaker

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December 27 2012 #

plz give more info about ecg

Anum Zahra liked this
Anum Zahra
Anum Zahra
March 02 2013 #

plz tell us in detail hw to read ECG??

Habibur Rahman Masum
March 02 2013 #

at first look lead 2, this is rhythm strip.see whether 2 R wave is equal or not