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March 02 2015

Renal Physiology

Inulin can be used effectively to calculate the Glomerular Filteration Rate, because

  • [A] It is secreted by tubules
  • [B] It is reabsorbed by tubules
  • [C] It is secreted more than reabsorbed
  • [D] It is neither secreted nor reabsorbed

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Zainab Atif
Zainab Atif
March 04 2015 #

I think the answer is option C

Doc Virgo
Doc Virgo
March 05 2015 #

answer - A

March 06 2015 #

CORRECT ANSWER IS [D] : Inulin is completely filtered by the glomerulus, but is neither secreted nor reabsorbed by the tubules. This property allows clearance of inulin to be used clinically as a measure of GFR.

Mohamed Nabil
Mohamed nabil
April 05 2015 #

True Answer is D insulin is not secreted or reabsorbed through the tubules .. it's filtered through the glomerulus

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