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July 31 2014

Meckel's Diverticulum

Write a short note on Meckel's diverticulum.

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July 31 2014 #

Meckel's diverticulum is the remnant of proximal part of vitellointestinal duct. Incidence is about 2-3% 


  • It is normally present in intrauterine life and disappears during 6th week of gestational life
  • It develops from midgut
  • It is present in 3% of individuals

Picture Source: Instant Anatomy


  • Located proximal to ileocaecal valve
  • It measures 2 inches
  • Its Base attaches to the antimesenteric border of terminal ileum
  • The Apex may be free or attached
 Blood supply: 

  • Arterial  branches from superior mesenteric artery
  • Venous collection through corresponding veins

Lymphatic system

  • The lymph is collected through numerous lymph vessels around GIT
  • Finally reaches the lymph node at origin of superior mesenteric artery

Special features:

  • The lumen of diverticulum is same as that of the ileum
  • Has same mucosa as ileum but small heterotopic areas of gastric body type epithelium. Pancreatic, colonic or other GI tissues may also be present in the walls of diverticulum

Applied anatomy:

  1. Unopposed secretion of gastric body type epithelium may produce ulcer and bleeding in adjacent normal ileum
  2. Diverticulum inflammation may mimic appendicitis. As, both arise from midgut, pain in both structures is referred to the periumbilical region

Author: A Rajkumar


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