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What are some of the procedures performed to treat heart disease?

The following are common procedures used to treat heart disease.

Coronary (balloon) angioplasty: A thin catheter is inserted into the blocked artery with a tiny balloon on the end. When the balloon is in the spot of the blockage, it is expanded to keep the artery open so blood can flow more freely, and the catheter is removed.

Stents: The insertion of a stent is similar to coronary angioplasty except that over the balloon is a small metallic tube (a stent) that stays in place to keep the artery open while the catheter and the balloon are removed.

Atherectomy: A drill-like device or laser cuts away the plaque covering the arteries.

Brachytherapy: Radiation is applied to the blockages to remove them from recurring after angioplasty.

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