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We are continuing with epithelial tissue today, and introducing an organ with a couple of characteristic structures. Markings have been added to this picture and are hopefully understandable (however the hyaline cartilage is not in this picture).

Short note regarding the histology of trachea:

The wall of trachea consists of:

- Tunica mucosa (lamina epithelia, lamina propria)

- Pseudostratified epithelium and seromucous glands

- Submucosa (dense connective tissue, blood vessels)

- Layer of C-shaped hyaline cartilage (trachealis mm. connecting the free ends of the cartilage)

- Adventitia (loose connective tissue, blood vessels)

In the pseudostratified epithelium these cells are found:

1. Columnar ciliated cells

2. Goblet cells

3. Basal cells

4. Cells of Kulchitsky (neuroendocrine cells found at bifurcation of lobar bronchi)

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