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December 01 2012

How important is First year MBBS?

In a survey we conducted, asking final year medical students as well as graduates, about how important they felt the first year of medical college was and how the roll it played in their career. Most of them, gave it the highest ranking, followed by final year MBBS. 

It so happens, that most students feel relived when they enter medical colleges, especially after writing various entrance exams, which are themselves, stressful. Thinking that half of their job is done, and they would pass out with the flow. Well it might be true, if only passing out, is the goal they have.

First year of medicine, is the foundation of your medical career. Although you learn pathology and pharmacology in the subsequent year which forms the basis of medicine in final year, but unless you know what normal is, studying abnormal doesnt make sense. And also if your goal is to be a surgeon, then first year is the golden period of your path, one which you might not witness again.

Anatomy, which forms the essential basis of surgery & to a large extent of radiology, can only be studied along with visual dissection classes, in the first year. if you miss this oppurtunity, to make the best out of your anatomy classes, then studying anatomy later on, gets difficult. Most students we asked, regretted, not paying enough attention in their anatomy classes, while preparing for surgery exams. Most, often had to go back referring to anatomy text books, to understand, where the blood vessels and important structures relate to each other.

Physiology, is another important subject of first year, especially, if your goal is to be a physician. It lays down strong foundations for pharmacoloy, lab diagnostics and medicine. As stated before, unless you know what normal is, studying abnormal doesnt make sense. Most doctors and students we asked, said physiology, was the greatest hurdle for their competitive exams for PG seats, especially USMLE. 

If basic concepts are grapsed properly in the first year, relating and progressing with those concepts in the subsequent years makes one's understanding of medicine stronger. Hence, we encourage the first year students to make best of the time they have, for time once lost , is lost forever.

We welcome comments & suggestions regarding this from our readers.

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