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September 07 2014

tell me about myeloid leukemia

Juan Dominguez
September 07 2014 #

Age 60

Cytarabine treatment

Uric acid increase tumor lysis syndrome

Time survival 1 year

Exposure (ionizing radiation, benzene, drugs )

Medical Guru
Medical Guru
September 07 2014 #

There are 2 types of Myeloid leukemia - Acute and Chronic.

Acute: mostly seen in adults (60yrs) and presents with fatigue, bruising and infections. Organomegaly may also be seen, especially the liver and spleen. The most common one if M3 which has auer rods. It is treated with all trans retinoic acid. For diagnosis: CBC, DIC panel, peripheral blood smear and cytogenetics may be done.

Chronic: presents with fatigue, fever and night sweats. CBC which show a marked rise in count. Peripheral blood smear and cytogenetics may also be done for diagnosis. Philadelphia chromosome is seen in 90% of the patients. It is treated with Imatinib.

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