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Hafiz Bilal

Hafiz Bilal

August 01 2014

Babinski Sign is UMN or LMN Lesion ?

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August 01 2014 #

Babinski's sign is elicited when the outer aspect of the foot is gently and slowly stroked with a sharp object. In Children n Reflex

Its root value is L5-S1

In UMN Lesion( here spinal cord is damaged above the level of L1 Vertebra), Babinski's is Extensor/present

In LMN Lesion(here the Spinal Cord is damaged below the level of L1 Vertebra), Babinski's is Absent due to Areflexia.


Richard S. Snell. The Spinal Cord & The Ascending & Descending Tracts:UMN Lesion. Clinical Neuroanatomy. 7th Edition. Wolters Kluwer India Pvt. Ltd. 2010:168

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September 18 2014 #

umn lesion

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September 19 2014 #

UMN lesion

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Hafiz Bilal
Hafiz Bilal
January 09 2015 #

Sughda U r WRONG

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Zainab Atif
Zainab Atif
March 04 2015 #

why is she wrong?